“I’m a section chief. Now what?”

That is a question that most newly elected section chiefs asked themselves before attending the Western Region Gathering. The region’s gathering, which is organized by the region chief and training coordinator, did a great job of answering that question, and other questions that the members of section leadership had. The gathering usually takes place at the end of each October, and the three other regions also host similar section officer seminar weekends where they prepare their section chiefs for the upcoming year.

Throughout the weekend the chiefs are introduced to the various programs and initiatives of the OA as well as how to run a successful section. The Western Region is the largest region geographically and covers a diverse landscape, so it is essential that the section chiefs can have face time with each other so that they can prepare to work together in the upcoming year.

Throughout the weekend the sections chiefs were also introduced to their various obligations in both their sections and to the Order of the Arrow in general. Mike Hoffman, the chairman of the Order of the Arrow, as well as other vice chairmen were in attendance and discussed with the chiefs their vision for the future of the Western Region and the entire organization. Next year the section vice chiefs and section secretaries officers will also be invited to the region gathering.

Using the region’s Facebook and Snapchat accounts, training seminars, photos, and discussions were made available to viewers who were not able to attend the event. This technique proved to be very beneficial and is something that the region will continue to use at upcoming events.

Thank you to all who helped to put on the Western Region Gathering. This year’s leadership team is trained and ready to tackle the year!