Communication Committee

The communications committee is separated into four teams that work closely together to provide the technology, communication and marketing needs of the Western Region.


Youth Leadership
  • Committee Lead - Kyle McCaffery
  • Media Creation Team Lead - Eric Wagstaff
  • Editors / Brand & Identity Team Lead - Matthias Leier
  • Publications Team Lead - Mac Richards
  • Special Projects Team Lead - TBD
Adult Advisers
  • Media Team Advisor - Mark Smith
  • Editors / Brand & Identity Team Adviser - TBD
  • Publications Team Adviser - Brian Love
  • Special Projects Team Adviser - TBD

Committee Members

Media Team
  • Zack Demars
  • Tristan Howard
  • David James
  • Cristian Joya
  • Matthias Leier
  • Ashton Mills
  • Wyatt Platts
  • Ryan Thomure
Publications Team
Editors / Brand & Identity Team
Special Projects Team

2017 Goals

  1. Define metrics and use to optimize effectiveness of communications to youth and adult audience.
  2. Establish collaboration and share best practices across regions.
  3. Promote content from national communications teams.
  4. Collect and promote information across western region section and lodges.
  5. Create several new articles every month for publishing to western region website.
  6. Post messages every week to Twitter and Facebook.
  7. Re-establish western region Instagram and Snapchat social media accounts.
  8. Assess section and lodge social media comms and guide best practices and value of engagement.
  9. Conduct survey to section and lodge leadership on what they like to see more from western region comms team.
  10. Establish digital collaboration among western region section and lodge leadership

2016 Report

Download 2016 Report [PDF]